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If your wondering how much it will cost you should click the "Get in Touch" button or shoot me a text (717) 333-0793. Since every creative process is unique, I cannot charge the same price for every endeavor.  Even if you aren't ready to start your project right at this moment, you should still get connected with me. I would love to chat. 


Fixed Rate

Estimated to be $35/hour

To capture a sound as it it. My goal in recording is to bring out the best in your voice or instrument by matching the right mic and pre-amp to your sound.


Fixed Rate

$25/song (discount for 3 songs or more)

Mastering will give your song the last 10% it needs to become a finished product.


Get in Touch

(discount for 3 songs or more)

To let the sound be heard. Mixing is one of the most important process in song creation because it brings a clarity that is much appreciated by all. 

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