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Not Just Film Production

About Me


Hi my name is Drew Nyguist. I am an audio engineer and film producer. I have a music recording and mixing studio that pushes out radio-ready music. I am also a camera operator and video editor, shoot weddings with professional cinema cameras, and edit the footage in order to tell the beautiful story of two people becoming one. 

I grew up on a farm in Mount Joy and was homeschooled. I attended a co-op called HATS that met once a week. Every week after classes most of us sang in the choir (called Lancaster Academy for the Performing Arts) that took place in the same building. This was my first introduction to the arts at the early age of 7. I stayed in the choir until I graduated high school. In that time I was also involved in many plays and musicals with the same group. Sometimes behind the camera or mic-ing up actors and sometimes playing lead rolls. This was a healthy dose of the tech and arts world and it never got old. 

I started Cider Press Studios in 2021 after graduating with an AS in music business and much experience from volunteering on the tech team at Life Center Church in Harrisburg. I had some trouble with naming the studio until my brother thought of just calling it by the street it is on. Cider Press Rd.

Today I record, mix, and master music in the studio from individual artist music to podcasts and videos. More recently I have started shooting weddings and have been using the studio for film editing. One of my favorite things about video is that half of a video is the audio so I can really implement a professional skillset that I am already extremely comfortable with. 

Life has been a long process and I am grateful for the timing of the journey.

"Timing is a rhythm, but you can never attain proper timing if you hurry", Alen Watts.

"...You step onto the Road and, if you don't keep your feet, you never know where you might be swept off to." J.R.R Tolkien

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