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Available Services

If your wondering how much it will cost you should click the "Get in Touch" button or shoot me a text (717) 333-0793. Since every creative process is unique, I cannot charge the same price for every endeavor.  Even if you aren't ready to start your project right at this moment, you should still get connected with me. I would love to chat. 
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Fixed Rate

Estimated to be $25/hour

To capture a sound as it it. My goal in recording is to bring out the best in your voice or instrument by matching the right mic and pre-amp to your sound.

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Get in Touch

(discount for 3 songs or more)

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To let the sound be heard. Mixing is one of the most important process in song creation because it brings a clarity that is much appreciated by all. 


Fixed Rate


(discount for 3 songs or more)

Mastering will give your song the last 10% it needs to become a finished product.


Drew Nyguist

Hey! Hope you'r having a good time digging a little deeper into working with me. I've been involved in music my whole life and for some reason still want to explore and spend more time in this creative world.  If you would like to work with me, send me an email through the  "get in touch" button or shoot me a text  (717) 333-0793.